Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Website Design Ninjas offers all of our clients ongoing website maintenance for AUD $20.00 per month.

Regular maintenance is critical for website security. Unfortunately it takes time to carry out the website maintenance tasks required, so we must charge for this time.

Our maintenance package includes.

Updates and patching.

Monitored security.

Fee is subject to change.

Monitored Security

Monitored Security

Monitored security is a critical aspect to thwarting hackers.

One common thing hackers will do to gain access to your website is known as brute force attacks. Hackers will use a program to continually guess passwords until they find the password or the IP address is blocked.

Website Design Ninjas will monitor your website and block any hackers who are attacking your website, preventing any hackers from gaining access to your website.

We also use other security enhancements which are not openly disclosed to prevent malicious activity.

Secure Websites

Updates and Patching

Updates and Patching

Regular updates and patching is critical to maintaining a highly secure website.

As the world wide web evolves vulnerabilities are always found and require patching to prevent malicious users from gaining access to your website or websites files.

Vulnerability patching is very similar to how windows updates work.

Website Design Ninjas will monitor your website and patch any vulnerabilities which are found.

Before patches and updates are applied we will test them on our testing websites to ensure the new patches won’t break your website in any way.